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Habib ur Rahman Baig Free Assessment for express Entry Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration 2018 under Express Entry scheme is possible if you score more than 486 point. No in demand Profession List (Almost all Skilled Professions can Qualify). No Caps. No Government Fee for Express Entry Applications. Draws are held every two weeks, approximately. For Eligibility Assessment Appointment. Assessment by the Swedish Master Degree Holder,Mr. Habib ur Rahman Baig, who has spent two years in Sweden and two years in UK. He has got the degree of MS ( Business Administration from Sweden. Send us your detailed CV, and scanned copy of passport if you want to know whether you are qualified or not. Post your profile for free assessment. call whatsapp Habib ur Rahman Baig



Canadian Immigration from LahoreJob Bank

Register with Job Bank To finish your Express Entry profile you must register with the Government of Canada's Job Bank if you do not already have: a valid job offer, or a nomination from a province or territory. Job Bank is an easy, online job search tool which will connect you with employers and jobs in Canada based on your skills and experience.

The Express Entry pool

If you are eligible The Express Entry pool If you meet the requirements, we will place you into the Express Entry pool of candidates. You will be given a score using a ranking system based on factors that have been shown to help immigrants prosper in Canada. The higher your score, the more likely you are to be invited to apply for permanent residence. We plan to issue Invitations to Apply to candidates from the pool regularly. If you are accepted into the Express Entry pool, you should start getting any supporting documents you may need for your application for permanent residence. You could get an invitation to apply at any time.Immigration department will process applications through Express Entry in less than six months period.


B. Spouse factors Maximum 40 points
Level of education  10
Official language proficiency  20
Canadian Work Experience  10
A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse factors
D) Summary of points per factor for Express Entry candidates
C. Skill Transferability factors Maximum 100 points
Education Maximum 50 points
With good/strong official languages proficiencya post-secondary degree 50
With Canadian work experiencea post-secondary degree 50
Foreign work experience Maximum 50 points
With good/strong official languages proficiencyforeign work experience 50
With Canadian work experienceforeign work experience 50
Certificate of qualification(for people in trade occupations) Maximum 50 points
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a certificate of qualification 50
A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse + C. Transferability factors 
Canada Education  

D. Additional points (maximum 600)
Arranged employment 600
PN nomination 600
A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse factors + C. Transferability factors + D. = Grand total - 1,200
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