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Germany FrankfurtGermany is the most developed and beautiful country of Europe. Cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Munich are best locations for higher education. Get Free Assessment by the Swedish Master Degree Holder. Habib ur Rahman Baig, who has spent two years in Sweden and has completed MS ( Business Administration from Linköping University, Sweden in 2007. Plz send us your detailed CV, and scanned copy of passport If you want to know whether you are qualified or not.

Post your information for free assessment >> click here.. or call Habib ur Rahman Baig (0308 4678540) who have visited all countries of Europe. Please call now for  appointment for meeting in Lahore's Gulberg Main Boulevard office.

Naturalisation of Germany:

 You can be granted a permanent visa of Germany if you have lived in Germany legally for 8 years. You will be given German citizenship. This process will allow permanent residence card of German immigration. You can take the free assessment test to find out about qualifying.



Visa of Germany applications by appointment only !

Visa applications can only be submitted in person. Appointments are given by telephone only.
Appointment requests by e-mail will not be answered.
Please call (0092-51) 227 9441 at the following hours:

Monday to Friday    8:30 - 13:00 hrs
Tuesday to Thursday 14:00 - 15:00 hrs

Visa applications of minors need to include the written consent of their parents/custodians.
The processing time for visa applications will take about fourteen days after the appointment. Especially during summer, there might be a considerable waiting period of two to four weeks for an appointment. Therefore, please contact us well in advance.

Visa-related inquiries for individual cases can only be submitted in writing and need to be signed by the applicant or his/her legal representative. Therefore such enquiries cannot be made by e-mail and if made by e-mail will not be answered.

Visa Section:     Tel: (0092-51) 200 7100, Ext. 403 and 411


Immigration to Germany

FrankfurtGermany is the best country for immigration today for its unique culture, friendly people and multicultural society. Skilled migration visas are one of the best opportunities for skilled workers to live and work in Australia. Under the Australian General Skilled Migration program, skilled migrant and skilled worker applicants can use their qualifications, work experience and language ability to satisfy Australian immigration requirements for a permanent Australia visa.

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