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Austria is schengen state of Europe which is offering a comprehensive and viable option to migrate to Austria with less formalities. Red-White-Red (RWR) Card of Austria is one of the best options provided to skilled workers and their families to migrate to Austria. It also allows a person to settle in Austria permanently. You can travel in any of the member states of schengen area without getting any visa. Post your information for free assessment >> click here.. Austria Red white Card Immigration Visa of Austria Get Free Assessment by the Swedish Master Degree Holder,Mr. Habib ur Rahman Baig, who has spent two years in Sweden and two years in UK. He has got the degree of MS ( Business Administration from Linköping University , Sweden in 2007. During his stay in Europe, he has visited many countries including Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, U.K, Turkey and U.A.E.

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The Red white Red card of Austria is valid for all 27 Schengen states including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Czeck Republic, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal , Luxumberg and Belgium. Red white red card austria



Conditions For Austria Red Card

You need 70 points in total.

Age for Austria Red white red card

You can be given points based on your age. Points are given as follows:

  • 41-45 years: 10 points.

    36-40 years: 15 points.

    35 years or younger:  20 points.

You can be given a maximum of 15 points for your age.

Educational level for Austrian Immigration

  • 16 years Master or Bachelor's degree : 20 points.

  • 16 years in Math, technology subjects: 30 points.

  • 18 Years Ph D Degree: 40 points


Language skills for Red white card of Austria

If your master degree was in English, German, , you need IELTS score 6.5. You will be given 10 points.



Work experience

  • 1-2 years experience : 10 points.

  • 3-5 years experience : 15 points.

Bank Statement for Austria Red white red card

You need to show a balance of 12 lacks per family member in your Personal bank account if you want to live in Austria for life. 

You must be able to support yourself during your first year in get the required amount you must dispose of. Documentation can be a bank statement in your name.




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