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Assessment for Denmark

Denmark is one of the best country for living. You can get two years Residence Permit of Denmark on the basis of studies in Sweden. Get Assessment by the Swedish Master Degree Holder, Mr. Habib ur Rahman Baig, who has spent two years in Sweden and two years in UK. He has got the degree of MS ( Business Administration from Sweden. During his stay in Europe, he has visited many countries including Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, U.K, Turkey and U.A.E.


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The Green card of Denmark  and Swedish Visa is valid for all 27 Schengen states including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Czeck Republic, Austria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal , Luxumberg and Belgium. Denmark copenhagen metro



Conditions For Denmark Green Card

You need 100 points in total. You must have 17 to 18 years of university level education with three years work experience.

Educational level

  • 16 years Master or Bachelor's degree : 30 points.

  • 17 years Master’s degree: 50 points.

  • 18 Years MS or M.Phil Degree: 60 points

  • PhD: 80 points.

  • You will get 30 bonus points if your education qualifies you to work in a field where Denmark is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. 

Language skills for Green card of Denmark

  • If your master degree was in English, German, Danish or Swedish, you don't need IELTS. You will be given 20 points for your English Medium Masters.

  • if you have IELTS score of 6.5 you will get 40 points.




  • 1-20 years experience : 0 points.


Bank Statement for Denmark Green card

You need to show a balance of 21 lacks per in your Personal bank account. Call Mr Habib ur rahman Baig at this number for documentation help.


You must be able to support yourself during your first year in Denmark. You need to document that you dispose of an amount equal to Danish start aid (starthjælp) for one year. The monthly start aid amount is (2016 level):             DKK 130,188 for married/cohabiting persons over 24.  Documentation can be a bank statement in your name.




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