Swedish Pakistani Immigrants in Sweden 2018

Nasir Zaka As of July 2018, there are more than twenty thousand Swedish Pakistanis living in Sweden. Most of the people went there on study visa and now they have settled over there as immigrants.

Nasir Zaka, Habib ur Rahman Baig, Saad Rehman were among the best Swedish students. And it isn't just the lucrative prospect of obtaining a masters degree or a doctorate free of cost that is attracting foreigners to Sweden - the educational opportunities on offer are of an international standard, a fact that was highlighted by Time magazine's World University Rankings in 2007, which listed four Swedish universities in the top 200. Faheem Khan, who studies at Chalmers University in Gotenburg, says, "The prospect of high-quality, free education was definitely the greatest driving force behind my decision to come to Sweden." For others, the prospect of getting a job within the Schengen countries after completing their education holds more value than the quality of the universities.

Sweden study Although the cost of education is free, living in Sweden proves to be costly. Some students try to gain part-time employment to help with the rent and living costs, but job opportunities are few and many feel they cannot cope with work as well as studies. "Finding a part-time job while studying is extremely difficult when compared to other countries like the UK, US, Australia and Canada," says S. Mohammed Ali, who works for Ericsson Systems. But the good news for students who have a one-year visa to Sweden is that they are entitled to Swedish medical facilities and can see a general physician at subsidised rates, approximately SEK 100 per visit. ..



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Please note that if you are interested in Visit visa of Sweden for job in different deaprtments of Accounts, IT,  Sales marketing, billing etc , you must have a valid degree from a HEC recognized university. Swedish companies are equal opportunity employer.
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