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schengen visaSchengen visas should be obtained from the consulate of the member country where a visitor plans entry into the Schengen zone and is likely to spend most of his or her time.

A multiple-entry Schengen visa allows you to enter into the country which issues you the visa, and you may then travel freely throughout all Schengen countries. It is assumed that you will spend most of your time in the country which issued the visa to you, but it is not a requirement. Some countries are much easier to obtain a Schengen from, in practice, although the process is supposed to be standardized.

It is therefore possible, for another example, to obtain a Schengen visa via the Italian or Spanish consluates, enter that country, and then immediately travel to France and spend most of your time there. However, countries which notice this practice may in the future deny a Schengen application to people they feel are a risk of abusing the intent of Schengen visas.


In the example just described, Sweden or Hungary would have the right to deny an application if they wish to, while other countries such as Denmark or the Czech Republic retain the right to grant permission, if they wish. Each signatory to the Schengen Accord may decide to grant or deny an application to a person based upon that individual's historical record of behavior and travel in any other member country. So, it is generally advisable to avoid this practice as much as possible to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

In December 2007 the Schengen Zone was significantly expanded to include many new EU countries. There are also plans to expand by several more countries in the near future. This news item includes some related Schengen information that will likely be of interest:


Conditions For Danish Green Card


You can be given points based on your age. Points are given as follows:

  • 35-40 years: 10 points.

  • 34 years or younger: 15 points.

You can be given a maximum of 15 points for your age.

Educational level

Your educational level will be assessed after it has been converted to its Danish equivalent for comparison. This is done as academic degrees vary from country to country, even if they are called by the same name. The Immigration Service will ask , a body under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, to assess your educational level. To enable CIRIUS to do this, you must include diplomas as well as transcripts in your application.

In order to receive points for educational level, you must, as a minimum, have the equivalent of a Danish Bachelor’s degree. You will only be given points for one educational level. Points are given as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree/Graduated from medium-length education: 30 points.

  • Bachelor's degree followed by one-year Master's degree: 50 points.

  • Master’s degree: 60 points.

  • PhD: 80 points.

Work experience

Your work experience can be given points according to how many years, within the last five years, you have worked as a researcher or in a field where Denmark is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals. You can see these fields and specific job titles on the Positive List. You can also be given points for other work experience. Points are given as follows:

  • 1-2 years within the past five years as a researcher/in field listed on the Positive List: 10 points.

  • 3-5 years within the past five years  as a researcher/in field listed on the Positive List: 15 points.

  • 3-5 years within the past five years, other work: 5 points.

You can be given a maximum of 15 points for your work experience.

Bank Statement

In order to be granted a residence permit under the Greencard scheme, you must attain at least 100 points. Points are given for: educational level, language skills, work experience, adaptability, and age.

You must be able to support yourself during your first year in Denmark. You need to document that you dispose of an amount equal to Danish start aid (starthjælp) for one year. The monthly start aid amount is (2008 level): DKK 4,926 for persons under 25 not living with their parents, DKK 5,940 for single persons over 24, DKK 4,926 for married/cohabiting persons over 24. By multiplying the monthly amount by 12, you get the required amount you must dispose of. Documentation can be a bank statement in your name..

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