Malik rishta Dawood from Multan Marriage Muslim

Malik Rishta for Marriage belongs to Dawood for shaadi, Marriage - a complexion single ; education from Muslim background. This Malik lives in Multan and is earning 65,000 rupees per month by working as . Mobile phone number of this is available to the members. wants , demands to see photo , picture before engagement and shaadi with Muslim life partner.


Name Dawood
Age 15
Caste   Malik
City  Multan
Income   65,000 

  Single - Unmarried
  I have 3 brothers 1 sister
Religion Muslim
  . My life partner for Marriage must respect my mother, father, anties and my 3 brothers 1 sister . The religious views of my spouse should be Muslim. Rishta and Marriage, shaadi will be done in Malik's blood. Age must be less than 15 years.
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