Chicken Balochi Sajji Pakistani Cooking Recipes- Urdu! Sajji

Chicken sajji Recipes Chicken Balochi Sajji Pakistani Cooking Recipes- Urdu! Sajjip, zinger Burger and many more.

It is unique and Indigenous Balochi way of cooking lamb, adopted now in Urban areas of Pakistan by replacing lamb with chicken.

For making Sajji the meat is roasted to a delightful degree of tenderness and is not very spicy. It is a whole leg of lamb or whole chicken deliciously marinated in local herbs and salt, barbecued beside an open fire. It is very popular among the locals and is offered with great insistence to the guests. It is served with special bread “Kaak”, “roti” or “naan”, which is baked in an oven, wrapped around a stone.



Mutton Corn Soup

Mutton Corn Soup is a popular dish made from corn flour of Punjab. Mix all the ingredients together except for the chicken to make the marinade. You should Shan Masala for better taste. See more

chicken Sajji of Balochistan
Take one medium onion. Slice it and fry it in about 4-5 tablespoons of oil Sajji is a native dish of the desert province of Balochistan, Pakistan. It consists of whole lamb, in skewers (fat and meat intact), marinated only in salt, sometimes covered with green papaya paste, stuffed with rice, then roasted over coals.First of all wash the whole chicken and take salt and apply on it very well in all directions then freez it over night then next day dip the chicken in water to rinse of the salt very well then marinate it with lemon juice, black pepper and chat masala and keep it for 2 hours then heat the oven and bake it until both sides are brown apply oil on both sides. Now ur chicken saji is ready to eat with salad n raita.. . See more


With a sharp knife make 4-5 deep cuts in the Mutton breast width wise. Marinade the chicken in the mixture overnight.. See More.

Mutton Nehari Recipes

Mutton Nehari Recipes are made on special functions in Pakistan. Mutton Nehari is common in Lahore while fruit salad with chicken in liked in Karachi.  You should Shan Chat Masala for better taste. Nehari

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Bong Bihari Pasanday
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