Flying Sausages

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Submitted By: Tabinda khan      

Ingredient :

potatoes 1kg
black papper 1 tbs
salt 1tb or on your choice
chineese salt 2tbs
bread crumbs 1large bowl
beated eggs 2
oil for deep frying.
bread 1 large sized
margrine/butter 200gms

Method :

First of all boil the potatoes then mesh them evenly . Add salt, black pepper and chineese salt and mix these things properly.
Now take bread slices and cut off their borders shape them round or triangular or square as you like now spresd butter/ margrine on each bread slice on both sides then apply the mash potatos on the slices both sied evenly. Now heat up oil in a round bottom deep pan . Cover the bread slices with bread crumbs then with beated eggs and again with crumbs and fry till golden browm . Serve hot with tommato ketchup or any other sauce. I hope you'll like this new and easy to cook recipe

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