Gajrella Sweet Pakistani Cooking Recipes

Gajrella Cooking Sweet Recipe
Gajrela or Carrot halwa is one of the most eaten halwa in winters in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Some people eat this sweet dish even throughout the year. Gajar ka halwa is so laziz or delicious with khoya (solid concentrated milk) and amond and pistachio. Sweet Shops of pakistan are full of gajar ka halwa shelves.


In a pot add the milk and put on very low heat to boil.Add the illaichi seeds and the rice.Cook till milk starts to thicken and the rice becomes very soft.Add the carrots and sugar and cook more till the water from the sugar has dried and the carrots have become soft.
Take a hand mixer and lightly mash the contents.
Just before removing from heat add the few drops of khewera essence.
Garnish with the chopped dry fruit.
Serve chilled.Advertisements

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