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230g chopped tomatoes
100g onion
1 small garlic clove
1 tab spoon olive oil
2 tbsp fresh parsley
350g white fish
1 tbsp lemon juice
salt n pepper,pinch of sugar n lemon wedges to garnish




Tip the tomatoes into a seive n allow to drain thoroughly. Skin n thinly slice the onion. Skin n crush the garlic.
Put the oil, onion ,garlic n parsley into a shallow casserole n mix well. Cover n cook for 3 minutes untill soft. Stirr well.
Arrange the fish on top of the onion mixture, sprinkle with the lemon juice.
Season the tomatoes with salt n pepper n stirr in the sugar. Cover n cooked for 10 minutes
untill the fish is just cooked. Serve garnished with lemon wedges.