Ladoo Sweet Mithai dessert Sweet Ladoo Pakistani Indian Laddu

Ladoo Sweet Mithai dessert Sweet Ladoo Pakistani Indian Laddu. Laddu or Ladoo is served in the wedding time in all parts of Pakistan and India. Ladoo is extremely sweet and is a symbol of happiness.

You can eat Laddu in all festivals including Eid-ul-fitr, Eid-ul-Azha, Christmas, Diwali, Birthday, marriage, engagement Laddu, new year, child birth Laddu, new car purchase, new house purchase, and on new motorcycles' purchase.

A favourite Pakistani & Indian expression is "muh meetha karo" (meaning: sweeten your mouth) and how better than with such a popular mithai...Ladoo This mouth-watering North Indian delicacy Motichoor Ke Ladoo or Laddu




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Motichoor ka laddu
is made of a cluster of tiny golden pearl beads of succulent sweetness. Made with gram flour, semolina and pure butter ghee (clarified butter) and garnished with almond powder, it's simply moreish ! A favourite for all celebrations. Kuch meetha ho jaye?

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