Noodles Kabab Cooking Recipe

Noodles kabab are made in a few minutes. You need to have one packet of noodles and half kg chicken cut into cubes.

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Submitted By: Dania Haider                                             Email :
Noodles: 1 Packet,
boneless chicken:3 pieces(cut into cubes)
carrot:3(cut it into cubes)
capsicim:3(cut it into cubes)
soya sauce:4 table spoons
vinegar:3 table spoons
chinese salt:2 table spoon
ketchup:2 tsp

Firstly boil all the vegetables then take a frying pan and put all the vegetables, soya sauce,vinegar,chinese salt and ketchup. Cook all these things at a very low heat, when all the things are slightly cooked then put chicken in it then stir it until there is no water present. Take boil noodles and mix all the things in it and then mash it with ur hands and then in any shape fry it.
Noodles Kabab




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