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Ramazan Recipes in English and Urdu

Ramazan recipes are provided for overseas Pakistani people to enjoy ifftar. For making a Ifftari of Ramazan,we offer you a special collection of tasty and healthy Ramazan recipes that will add variety, color and nutrition to your Ifftar Table. Ramazan dishes of Pakistan origin include Pakoray, Samosay, Chana chat, Chapli Kabab ,dahi baray, fruit chat, mango milk shake, Roh afza sharbat, and kheer.

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Ramazan Tikka

Mix all the ingredients together except for the Ramadan Ramazan to make the marinade. With a sharp knife make 4-5 deep cuts in the Ramadan Ramazan breast width wise. Marinade the Ramadan Ramazan in the mixture overnight. Before you cook the Ramadan Ramazan, sprinkle 1/4 tsp of red chilli powder evenly over each piece. Grill it on a BBQ or broil it in an oven for 35 minutes.



Best Pakistani Ramazan Iftar Recipes in Urdu






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