Lahore University of Management Sciences


LUMS or Lahore University of Management Sciences  is a Pakistani University, which was established by sponsors belonging to the country’s leading private and public sector corporations. The goal of the sponsors was to develop an institution, which would provide training to the students belonging to upper and upper middle class of Pakistan. It is one of the most expensive university of Pakistan. All multinational companies prefer LUMS graduates because they are the real sponsors of LUMS.
In November 1984 LUMS was granted a charter by the Government of Pakistan for establishing the University then in March 1985, with the president of Pakistan (Mr. Zia ul Haq) became the Chancellor of this university. Through this charter, the University was given the legal right to establish degree-granting programs. The Board of Trustees, the policy-making body of the University, comprises leading members of the business community, academia and representatives of the government. The principal functions of the Board are to set broad policy guidelines and to review the operations of the University. The Board of Governors, being the sponsors of LUMS, raises the necessary funds for the University’s operation and maintenance. Many board members are representatives of the business community and form a crucial link between the University and the industry.
In 1986 LUMS launched its Business School with a world-class MBA programme (recently the School has been renamed as the Suleman Dawood School of Business). In 1994, LUMS started a BSc Honours Programme in Economics and Computer Science. Over Subsequent years this evolved to include more specializations. In 1996, the School of Arts and Sciences was formed to oversee the undergraduate programme at LUMS. Later on, masters programmes in Economics, Computer Science and Computer Engineering were also added, followed by the launch of doctoral programmes in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Mathematics and the Executive MBA programme. In 2002, a five year, integrated, BA-LL.B degree was also included to the list of programmes offered by the school.
As the programmes and departments expanded, it became apparent that the scope and diversity of the programmes offered by the School demanded more meaningful division and focus. Hence, in 2006, School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law has been established that oversees the Social Sciences, Economics and Law Departments and the remaining departments, namely Mathematics and Computer Science are to become part of the School of Science and Engineering, to be launched in 2008.


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