Body Make up Lahore Karachi

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Whether you're wearing a y, slinky dress for an evening do or just baring a little skin in the summer, nothing completes your look more effectively than body make-up. Be subtle with a sprinkling of skin-lifting fairy dust, go for something a little more dramatic with full-on metallic shimmer or why not follow in Madonna's footsteps and decorate your body with a henna tattoo? The truth is, there are no rules...

Party shimmer
You can't beat a little gold, copper or bronze shimmer on skin in the evening, particularly over the arms, shoulders and décolletage. First, make sure your skin is silky smooth by exfoliating with a body scrub and softening with a moisturising lotion. Wait for the moisturiser to soak in and then, before you get dressed, use a damp sponge curled round your middle finger to press a creamy iridescent formulation onto your skin or a big brush to fluff on and blend in a powder. Other great shades for the body include sheer metallic purples, blues and lilacs.

Subtle glow
For a pretty effect that gives the dullest skin a lift and makes your body look healthier with or without a tan, an iridescent white or pale-ivory cream or powder is an after-dark essential. Again, create a super-smooth canvas with a body scrub and rich moisturiser and then apply to any areas of exposed skin - the arms, shoulders, décolletage and even feet and ankles. The number-one trick? Blend so that there's no line between the make-up and your skin.

Body art
Used for centuries in India as a hair and skin dye, henna is a popular way of decorating skin with both simple and intricate temporary patterns. For a professional finish, opt for a ready-made pattern that you simply transfer onto skin, first making sure that the area is clean and dry. Apply to your upper arms, shoulders, back, ankles or stomach. Wash off with soap and water. Other great ready-made body art to look out for includes peel-off stickers, wash-off tattoo prints and stick-on diamanté gems.