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Whether you're naturally warm-skinned or you've developed a light tan on holiday or over the summer, the right colour palette can lift a golden skin tone while the wrong make-up shades will wash it out. The key? Always opt for colours with warm undertones and avoid those with cool undertones.

When it comes to foundation and powder, always go for formulations with yellow or coppery (never pink) undertones that will even out any imperfections, redness and blotchiness and still look natural. If you're not sure about the shade for you, spend five minutes in your local store to find the right one. Test different shades on your jawline (not on the back of your hand) and check them in daylight (not under the shop's bright lights) - the perfect shade for you will 'disappear' into your skin. Also, golden skin looks more natural if you use a sheer, rather than a heavy, matt foundation. Just blend it exactly where you need it. To finish, sweep on a warm-toned powder or a little bronzer.


Warm-toned shades on the eyes will enhance a golden skin tone. Try anything
from the brown palette - bronze, copper, chocolate or chestnut worked over
the lid will accentuate eye shape and open up the eye area. A smudged line of
olive green looks y; a wash of apricot looks pretty. Colours to avoid
include bright orange, which looks garish, and pale blue, which is too cool
for a warm skin tone.
Again, warm tones on the cheeks will lift a golden complexion. Opt for
apricot or yellow-toned coral blush. Another versatile choice for cheeks is
bronzer - fluff over browbones, nose and chin as well as cheeks for a
sun-touched glow. Avoid cool tones, including blue-toned pink, which will
wash out the skin.
Although your skin tone is important when choosing lip colour, you also need
to take your hair colour, eye colour and what you're wearing into account.
For a neutral look on golden skin, opt for beige with a hint of gold, pale
brown with warm undertones or a slightly deeper brown with an iridescent
sheen. For a more dramatic look, shade lips with a strong chocolate brown or
a vibrant rose.

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