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The styling tricks that work for a long, straight bob simply won't achieve the same great results on a curly mop of hair. Your first step is to define your hair type and then you can choose your styling products and techniques accordingly - for day and for night...

For straight hair

Whether your hair is short, mid-length or long, if it's straight, it probably lays flat on the scalp, leaving your style lank and lifeless by the end of the day. Counter balance this by opting for volume-boosting mousses and body-building lotions. While your hair is still damp, scrunch a little mousse into the scalp and blowdry using a vent brush to lift the roots. If you have thick, straight hair, create a sleek and high-sheen finish by rubbing a few drops of serum onto your palms and running them over the surface of the hair. For finer hair, work a tiny drop of thickening crème between your thumb and forefingers and stroke into the hair from the mid-lengths down to the tips.


For curly/Afro hair

Whether your hair is naturally wavy or a mass of corkscrew-tight curls, the key to control is moisture. Don't fight your curls - learn to make the most of them instead. If it's long enough, one option is to tie it back with a hair scrunchie and smooth down the flyaway ends with a little serum or gloss. Or, look for lotions, mousses, crèmes and style-defining gels or waxes to separate curls and smooth away any frizz while the hair is still damp. Always use a diffuser when blow-drying hair to prevent drying it out further. If you do want to straighten your curls, apply lots of straightening lotion to freshly-washed hair and blow dry section by section, starting with the hair underneath and finishing with the hair closest to the crown of your head. To finish, spray a fine mist of shine-boosting serum all over.

Evening hair
Whatever your style, there are a number of ways to jazz up your hair for an evening do.
  • A quick up-do. Hair that's shoulder-length or longer can be pulled into a high ponytail and held with an elastic band. Twist the ponytail of hair back into the head and use grips to secure a topknot. Keep the look modern by leaving a few strands free and hold it in place by spritzing with a super-hold hairspray.
  • Add a touch of glamour. Diamante hair accessories are perfect for a party. Slick down a fringe with a little serum and hold in place with one or two sparkly clips or secure a low ponytail at the nape of your neck with a jewel-encrusted band. Alternatively, weave a row of tiny coloured hair jewels in the hair that frames your face.
  • Party shimmer. One of the quickest ways to transform office hair into party hair is to spray or sprinkle on a little glitter. Either use a can to spritz a fine mist all over or try one of the newer powder formulations to brush sparkle into your fringe or into individual strands throughout your hair.