Nickie Nina - Pioneers of Pakistani Fashion Industry

Interview with Pakistan's Fashion Icons

nickie nina 1) Tell me something about your learning history, your label history?

Nickie Nina: We started off this joint business venture twenty years back, quite casually. We got into this partnership in 1995, when there was still a lot to bring into our fashion industry. Presently, very few names and labels still exist from that fashion era. We are proud to be among those who have set a mark in the industry and are who recognized today as pioneers of women's fashion in Pakistan.

2) What is your philosophy regarding the art of fashion designing?

Nickie Nina: Fashion design is an efficient art. Timeless, classic, we keep in mind the latest trends to create clothes which can be worn by middle aged women, teenagers et al.

3) Your label defines?

Elegance, splendour ,comfort and extravagance .







4) Do you have jewellery and accessories line?

Nickie Nina: Yes, but we haven't launched these officially. We have bags, scarves, and belts available at our outlets. In jewellery we have gold, silver, diamonds, polkis and other precious and semi-precious stone made jewellery.

5) Do you only offer couture wear?

Nickie Nina: We offer Prêt wear which is available at both Nickie Nina outlets (Lahore and Karachi) and at  The Boulevard at 10Q.

6) Do you offer PRET Line for the middle class people?

Nickie Nina: We endeavour to ensure that our prêt line never hits the larger price brackets so that it is affordable to a greater number of people which definitely includes the middle class.

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7) What skill do you think are necessary to become a fashion designer?

Nickie Nina: A lot of skills are essential here, a very good memory, a keen knowledge of fabric, a strong aesthetic sense, and you're extra creative. In addition basic business skills are also required.

8) What inspired you to come in this field?

Nickie Nina: Its important to look nice…this has been our main inspiration.

 9) What is the importance of Nickie Nina innovation in fashion designing?

Nickie Nina: INickie Ninaovation is very significant as this industry is all about new designs…


10) In the recent years, a lot of new designers are coming. Do you think it will saturate the market or is it a good sign for fashion industry?

Nickie Nina: Fashion is a growing industry in Pakistan and it has a lot of scope for development nationally and branching out on an international level, which we look forward to. However, it is important for up coming designers to take their work as a proper profession and to not treat it as a fleeting pastime.

11) Do you believe in fate? Is fate important for high rankings in this field?

Nickie Nina: Yes definitely, but hard work is equally important …not only in this field but everywhere.

12) What do you do in your spare time?

Nickie Nina: We like to spend time with children, listen to music and read.

13) Dress makes a man or a man makes a dress?

Nickie Nina: The clothes are a part of self-expression, and they can show your personality or your individuality - "I am serious," or "I am fun," or "I am cool," So they really do a job. Sometimes, you can make a dress too, with the accessories complementing the dress, the make up, the hairstyles or simply yourself. But we believe that both the man and the dress should be complementing each other ….this is why we have a variety of different designs which flatter every figure. 



14) What advice will you give to the upcoming designers?

It's good to start your own business, but it's very important to be professional and focused towards your objective. Copying other's designs isn't just the way out but creating new designs is what will make you prosper this is why we sometimes see new designers coming up, reproducing other designer's designs and gain a lot of fame suddenly but as time passes awareness creeps in and eventually they lose their business .A few upsetting years doesn't mean that you are failing. After all one learns best from ones experiences.

15) Who are your favourite photographers?

Nickie Nina: Well our country has great photographers it sometimes gets really tricky to pick out a favourite because everyone has their own style.

Nickie Nina is High Fashion brand of Pakistan. Nikcie Nina owns the outlets in USA, UAE, UK and all parts of the world.

17) Favourite female model?

Nickie Nina: Every model has her charm, ability and face… So when we do a western shoot we chose someone with a western figure and features whereas with eastern clothes we have to choose an eastern looking model, so it varies.

18) Top ten dress designers in your opinion? 

 Nickie Nina: Its really hard to rate, since we love all of them.

19) Favourite make-up artist for your shoots?

No favourites as again everyone has their own speciality - this also varies with the theme, but we love to work with Ather Shahzad and Guddo Shani.


20) Favourite TV chanels?

Nickie: Geo TV, I don't have time to watch TV frequently, but whenever I do Geo TV keeps me updated.

Nina: I enjoy watching FTV.

21) Which city of the world is the best for fashion industry and why?

Nickie Nina: Paris, everyone knows that!

nickie nina

Nickie Nina is High Fashion brand of Pakistan. Nikcie Nina owns the outlets in USA, UAE, UK and all parts of the world.

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