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Good lighting--Proper lighting is essential for the most natural makeup applications.  Do a lighting check in the room.  Are there windows on both sides?  Do you have equal light?  Is there a single light above your mirror casting a shadow down on your face?  If the lighting is not even or the best possible, buy a portable makeup mirror and your problem will be solved.

Tan face--Use one of the many excellent bronzers on the market to give you a kiss of the sun.  Forget getting a tan on your face.

Less is more--Wear a very sheer foundation and keep the rest of your make-up minimal.  Less is more in the summertime.  Wear a little concealer just on the areas that need it and no foundation if you can get away with it.

Chapped lips--Keep your lips moisturized at all times and avoid licking lips especially when in the sun.  If you have flakes on your lips, exfoliate gently with a little almond oil and a soft toothbrush.

What color orange is best for your skin color?--If you are fair try apricot, sheer peach, or soft corals.  It you are medium choose soft rust, terra cotta, and tawny brown.  Olive skins look best in copper, bronze and brick and dark skin will glow with deep russet, burnished orange and deep russet.

For a perfect lip shade--Mix and match lipsticks directly on your will be amazed at how many colors you can create.  It is said that Marilyn Monroe wore 5 different shades of lipstick to get her mouth to look the way it did.

Precise spot covering of blemishes--After applying foundation, cover spot with a concealer using a small, pointy brush, then set with powder, dabbing gently with a powder puff.





Clean out your make-up drawers--Get rid of all your old and out dated make-up.  Put your winter colors in a separate bag and put any soft, pastel colors in another.  Get a makeover at one of the finer department stores to try out the new spring colors.  See if what you already have matches any of them and pick up a couple of new colors while you are there.  Soft, almost not there make-up is in for Spring, so learn how to apply it lightly yet completely.

make upShape your brows--Don't let unruly brows take over your face.  Spend the time shaping them and tweeze them at least every other day to keep them in shape.  Follow these steps to get the perfect brow:  Groom your brows by using an eyebrow brush (or old toothbrush).  Brush them in the opposite direction, then brush back.  Using precision tweezers, pluck any stray eyebrow hairs, working along the natural brow line.  For painless tweezing, do this right after a steamy shower. The brow should begin directly above the inside corner of the eye and should end at a line from the outside corner of the nose past the outside corner of the eye. Apply color to sparse areas.  Use a shade of eyeshadow close to your natural brow color.  Using a slightly stiff small eyeshadow brush, fill in areas lightly using feathering strokes.  If too much color is applied, brush with your eyebrow brush (or old toothbrush) to remove the extra color.  You can use an eyebrow pencil, just be sure to go lightly to avoid the "painted on" look.

Get rid of clumps--For the best, non-clumpy, natural looking lashes:  Use light layers of mascara, carefully separating your lashes between coats with an eyelash comb or small toothbrush.  Metal combs work the best for this.

Cover redness--Use a yellow-toned cream to neutralize redness instead of a concealer to cover blemishes, red blotches or eyeglass marks.

Plump up sunken cheeks--Apply a lighter shade of foundation or highlighter to the hollows of your cheeks.

Hate that "lipstick-y" look?--Fill in your entire lip with a lip pencil only.

Puffy eyes--Place chilled tea bags or sliced cucumbers over your eyes.

Widen close-set eyes--Sweep a pearl-white shadow on inner lid corners, blending upward.  Follow with a medium color on center of lids and a deeper tone on outer third of lids.  Make sure to blend well.

To cover melasma (mask of pregnancy):  Use lavender concealer.  Apply foundation that is one or two shades darker than skin tone.

Under eye circles--Mix a bit of light blue eye shadow with your moisturizer; apply under your eyes.  The blue color helps diffuse light. Follow with foundation or light concealer.

Eyebrows too dark?--Stroke a concealer pencil over them, followed by translucent powder.  It will lighten the brows without  really changing  the color.

Too much eye shadow--Don't start over.  Just dip a small blush brush in bronzing powder and sweep over entire lid.  Bronzing powder is a neutral tint, so it will just soften the color of your shadow without changing it.

Eyebrows too light?--Have them tinted a darker shade.  This will frame your eyes and if you are not good with makeup this will look the most natural.  Have it done every six weeks or so.  You can also purchase tinting kits at beauty supply stores if you feel confident you can do it yourself.

Lining the inside rim of your eyes--Use a eye pencil that states "Kohl".  This means it is gentle and made to be used on the inside rim.

Drooping Lips--Cover the corners of your mouth concealer.  Use a lip pencil to subtly extend lip corners upward.  Then fill in color.

Cover a blemish--Apply over the counter acne medication directly to blemish using a cotton swab.  Then apply a yellow-based concealer with a small brush.  Dust with translucent powder.

Brighten up your face--For a natural, subtle, flush of color reach for bronzing powder with a large, fluffy brush and dust a light layer on forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

Instant bigger, brighter eyes--Line upper and lower lash lines with white eyeliner, tracing as close to lash line as possible.  Your eyes will look larger and more alert!

Taking photos?--Never wear frosted lipstick, eye shadow or blush.  Wear classic clothing and avoid jewelry that will distract from your face.

Make your eyes look bigger--Use a white eyeliner pencil and line your eyes under your bottom lashes.  Smudge.  Follow with black mascara.

For super thick lashes--Lightly powder lashes to give the mascara a coat to cling to. Let dry for at least one minute.  Apply second coat.

Brown eyes--Wear eyeshadow shades like:  gunmetal, charcoal, mustard, camel and gold.

Green eyes--Wear eyeshadow shades like:  espresso, chocolate, heather, and hazy violet.

Blue eyes--Wear eyeshadow shades like:  Cinnamon, rust, eggplant, and amethyst.

Make redness vanish--Reach for soft pink to make the whites look bigger and brighten bloodshot eyes.  Sweep soft pink shadow on the inside corners of eyes using an upward motion and fluffy shadow brush.  Make sure to blend well.

Ultra sheer foundation--Mix your foundation and a moisturizer together for a light foundation.  You can also use a dampened cosmetic sponge for the sheerest, most natural look.

Bring out your eye color--Avoid matching your eye shadow to the color or your eyes.  Use complementary colors or opposite colors instead.

Make your lipstick last!--Cover your lips with foundation and powder first.  Outline with a lip pencil then dust with a little powder again.  Apply lipstick and powder again lightly.  Reapply your lipstick and it will last all day!

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