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Dubai Men like Eagles, Sports cars, and business. The Girls want sincere life partner from a Muslim and arabic descedent.


Name: Afshan
City: Dubai
Education: BA
Caste: Malik (Sunni)
Height: 5' 3"

Who I am?:

connectI am a loving girl living on Jumerira Beach road Dubai near Burj Al Arab Hotel. This is a grand  city. These can be lonely times It's hard to know who's on your side Most of the time. Who can you really trust Who do you really know Is there anybody out there ? Who can make you feel less alone Some times you just can't make it on your own.If you need a place where you can run If you need a shoulder to cry on I'll always be your friend.When you need some shelter from the rain If you have broken dreams Just lay them all on me I'll be the one who understands So take my hand.If you reach emptyness

Etisalat Mobile #
Name: Perveen Khan
City: Dubai
Age: 20
HEIGHT: 5' 4 "
Caste: Yousaf zai
Sect: Sunni
Education: BA
Complexion: white
connectEmail: zainab_7668 at yahoo


Name: Zafer Ali Baig
City: Dubai
Age: 23
HEIGHT: 5' 6 "
Caste: Mughal / Baig
Sect: Sunni
Education: BA
Hobies: ..studies,chatting,and listing songs
Email: dbafarhan at gmail
zafer ali
Name: Mahreenl
City: Dubai, Pakistan
Age: 24
HEIGHT: 5' 5 "
Caste: Shaikh
Sect: Sunni
Education: Masters
Hobies: ..studies,chatting,and  songs
connectContact: call Now!






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