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shaadi rishtayWomen Seeking Boys & Men seeking Girls.

Shaadi kay rishta available in all castes like Mughals, Jutt rishtay, Rajput rishtay, Syed rishtay, Arain rishtay, Khan rishtay, Sunni rishtay,
Watto rishtay, Baig rishtay, Malik rishtay, Awan rishtay.
All type of men and Women named Zahid, Zahida, Zarmina,
Zulekha, Zuberi, Zaman,
Zeeshan, Zuhaib,  Zaheen, Zubair, Zureen Khan.

Some girls don't post their real photo. They post photo of their favourite heroine whose face is like her face. .

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Name: Zulekha Jehan
City: Lahore
Education: MBA
Caste: Shaikh (Sunni)
Height: 5' 4"
 connectHello, I am a fun loving cultured girl who likes to live life to its fullest.
Name: Zarina Chaudhry
Caste: Chaudhary
Complexion : Wheatish
City: Lahore
Education: B.Com
Height: 5' 3"
connectI'm a very passionate and romantic girl and not afraid to show my affections in private or public. I am very clean and like seeing things and people clean as well. I will always treat my man like a queen and with respect and love and cherish him


Name: Zaira Malik
City: Lahore
Age: 21
HEIGHT: 5' 5 "
Caste: Malik
Sect: Sunni
Education: Fashion Designing
Complexion: Fair
connectMy name is Amna...I am friendly and can be shy . I have a great smile and nice eyes. I am looking for love and possibly more that may lead to long term relationship .Taking chances, that what life is all about and looking for someone to share my love with. Ready and looking for a change in the romance & friendship.

muslim girl


Name: Zeeshan Javead
City: Faisalabad
Age: 23
HEIGHT: 5' 6 "
Caste: Jutt
Sect: Sunni
Education: BA
Hobies: ..studies,chatting,and listing songs
Faisal azam
Name: Zainab Butt
City: Lahore, Pakistan
Age: 20
HEIGHT: 5' 4 "
Caste: Butt
Sect: Sunni
Education: BA
girlHobies:  Fashion, Cooking,chatting, songs, My father is businessman. we have one textile mills in Faislabad. We are leading exportors of garments in UAE and Europe. My husband will be from upper class.




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