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Lemon for health and beauty

Lemon packs quite a punch in its small form. Be it a health problem or be it a beauty ailment, a lemon acts as a boon for all these.

Most of us have used a lemon at one time or the other, and know that it is a rich source of Vitamin C. Added to a glass of cold water; it can be most refreshing during summer months. Taken regularly, it is a preventive against cold and helps to strengthen the immune system. We also add it to salads, snacks and food, because its tanginess adds to their flavor.

But, there are a number of ways a common lemon can be used for both health and beauty.

For health purposes

Lemon increases the body’s resistance to disease. Its glucose and mineral contents help replace body loss of fluids through sweat, especially during the summer months. Taking lemon regularly helps relieve headaches, soothe digestive problems and even brings relief to people suffering from anxiety. It stimulates blood circulation, reduces arterial pressure, activates bile and intestinal secretions. In other words, it can promote a general feeling of well being.

It is important to remember that lemon is best taken when diluted with water. You can start your day with the juice of a lemon in a glass of warm water. This combination helps keep the system flushed and removes toxins and wastes. This will also reflect on the skin, keeping it clear and glowing. Weight watchers will also find this beneficial.

From cosmetic viewpoint

As a cosmetic ingredient, lemon can be used in various ways. The only thing to remember is not to use it undiluted, as it can be harsh on the skin. On areas where the skin is thicker, lemon can be used by itself. For example, for dark elbows, rub lemon halves and then wash off with water. Over a period of time, it will cleanse the skin and lighten its color.

Lemon can also be used as a hand lotion. Mix it with rose water and rub it on your hands. For rough hands, rub granulated sugar together with the juice of a lemon over your hands, till the sugar dissolves. Then rinse off with water. It will help improve the skin texture when applied regularly.

Oily skin can really benefit from a lemon treatment. Dilute the juice of half a lemon in a glass of water and use this to wash your face. If it seems harsh for your skin, add more water. Gently blot the face with tissue or a clean towel, instead of wiping it. Lemon not only helps restore the normal acid-alkaline balance, but also reduces surface oil. This treatment can be beneficial during summer, when the skin tends to be more oily.

In fact, during summer, you can freeze lemon water in an ice cube tray. Wrap the ice in a clean tissue or cloth and rub it gently on oily skin. It not only reduces oil, but it is extremely refreshing too. Some people have sensitive skins and if your skin burns or itches with the application of lemon-water, you should not use it.

Lemon can also be used as a hair rinse. You can add lemon juice to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse, after your shampoo. You can even add it to “tea water”. Boil used tea leaves in enough water and cool the liquid. Add the juice of one lemon and use it as a last rinse. This helps to add shine to the hair.

Lemon as a natural cleanser

Due to its many beneficial properties, lemon has been used as an ingredient to formulate creams and lotions for skin care. It has been used, along with aloe vera to formulate cleansing gels, which helps getting rid of dirt and pollutants, without disturbing the normal acid-alkaline balance. A lemon-turmeric cream has been used as a pre-bath cream and also a soap substitute, for people with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins. Lemon is a powerful natural cleanser.

When nature has provided us with ideal cosmetic ingredients, why should we use chemicals and synthetic substances? In fact, the human body responds well to natural substances, while it has an in-built resistance to synthetic ones.


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