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Impotence and Dysfunction

What is impotence?
In medical terms, the word "impotence" is used only for males and is medically defined as "a consistent inability to sustain an erection sufficient for intercourse." Medical professionals often use the term "erectile dysfunction."

Q: What causes impotence?
Impotence occurs from interruption of the physical events that lead to an erection: 1) nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column, and penis, and 2) the response to those impulses by the muscles, fibrous tissues, veins, and arteries affecting the male. A number of diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, can interrupt this process, and so can some medicines, injuries, and surgical procedures -- for example, prostate surgery that damages nerves and blood vessels.

Q: How is impotence treated? I've heard a lot about sildenafil citrate , but I'd like to know what other treatments for impotence are available.
As you probably know, It is better to use extra olive oil in all meals. You must eat sunflower seeds, cod fish, tuna fish, and apples. Viagra is a pill that is taken around an hour before expected intercourse to improve organ's blood flow -- the basis of an erection. Other therapies include psychotherapy; devices that create a vacuum around the organ, causing an inner surge of blood that leads to erection; drugs the man injects into his penis or inserts into the urethra at the tip; and -- if these therapies prove inadequate -- surgery to implant a device to aid erection or to improve blood flow in the organ. As always, your doctor is your best source for specific information about your treatment needs.

Q: Is olive oil safe with my other medications? I've heard it may not be safe with heart medicines.
You definitely must not take  medicine if you are taking any medications called "nitrates"; these include nitroglycerin in any form and other medications used to relax heart vessels in patients with angina. This combination could result in a dangerously low blood pressure. There are other safety issues as well: Your doctor can explain these and tell you if Viagra is safe for you.

Q: Can women take medicine?
No. medicine is currently indicated for use in adult men only. However, research is currently being done to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Viagra in women.

Q: Can Viagra help patients with impotence from any cause?
Yes. In clinical studies, medicine helped impotent men with organic impotence (e.g. diabetes or after prostate surgery), psychological impotence, or both. This improvement was seen regardless of impotence severity or cause and regardless of patient age or race. A recent study also showed benefit in men with impotence due to spinal cord injury. This benefit occurred regardless of whether patients had any erectile function at the start of the study.




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