Baggage rules of Pakistan

Pakistani Baggage Rules by FBR Revenue Custom Tax Duty, In Pakistan, Tourists are allowed to bring in:

  1. Personal clothes and handbag

  2. 1 traveling clock and 1 watch

  3. One laptop with charger.

  4. One mobile phone set.

  5. medals, trophies or prizes

  6. spectacles, contact lenses and other physical aids

  7. any currency not exceeding US $ 1000

  8. jewelry not exceeding US $ 1000

  9. toilet goods in reasonable quantity

  10. 1 electric iron, 1 hot-plate and 1 electric shaver for men or a hair dryer for a lady tourist

  11. 1 camera and 5 rolls of films

  12. substandard movie camera with projector and 2 rolls of films

  13. one pair of binoculars

  14. 1 portable typewriter

  15. portable musical instruments

  16. toys and pram for an accompanying child

  17. Portable tape-recorder

  18.  gifts and souvenirs in addition to above of value not exceeding Rs. 50,000.

  19. 50 cigars,10 packs of cigarettes or 1/2 lb. tobacco

  20. games or sporting requesters including sporting firearms and cartridges in reasonable quantity

  21. 1 Body Spray, one perfume

  22. confectionery items only for eating

  23. nonalcoholic beverages not exceeding Rs. 1000 in value.

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