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Balochistan Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan situated in the southwest of Pakistan and covers an area of 347,190 square kilometres (134,050 sq mi). Balochistan is Pakistan's largest province by area constituting 44% of Pakistan's total land mass. Awaran is small town with a one single street bazaar and a few tourist class hotels. Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan by geographical area , constituting approximately 43% of the total area of Pakistan. Balochistan had a population of roughly 6.8 million. Covering a sizable portion of the country, it is Pakistan's .


Balochistan neighboring regions are Iran to the west, Afghanistan and the North-West Frontier Province to the north, Punjab and Sindh provinces to the east. To the south is the Arabian Sea. The main languages in the province are Balochi, Brahui, Pashto, and Sindhi. The capital, and only city, is Quetta; all the other towns and villages are underdeveloped. The Baloch and Pashtun people constitute the two major ethnic groups; a mixed ethnic stock, mainly of Sindhi origin, forms the third major group. Balochistan is rich in mineral resources; it is the second major supplier, after Sindh province, of natural gas..
Gawadar Beaches of Balochistan

Gwadar Gawadar of Balochistan is a got one chair lift which can release your tension and give you a lt of pleasurable experience. You will forget all problems. Quite easily accessible from Rawalpindi & Islamabad as well as all major cities of Pakistan by road. the recently inaugurated CPEC - China Pakistan Economic corridor is being developed in Balochistan. Large number of motorways and highways are cming from Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under CPEC project of China. Advertisements


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