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Constrcution of houses at labour rate can be economical in Lahore but house bulding is an extremely hard job. You must standing day and night in hot summers under the sun. It is better to give fixed money to a contracter with material. You should pay him Rs.1500 to 2500 per square feet and write down all the material's quantity and quality. Brands of saniatry fittings and tiles must be good like master tiles, sonex or some italian brands. House construction rates are between Rsupees 1500 to 2500 square feet in Punjab. Latest House Construction Cost, labour rate and Estimated Time of Completion in Lahore - Pakistan !


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Labour Rate Labour Rate (Without material) = 250 per square Feet (24 December 2014) Furnished (Turnkey) House Construction Cost

Rs.1,500/= per square ft. (Normally Good)

Rs.2,100/= per square ft. (Excellent)

Rs.2,800/= per square ft. (Luxury)

Rates of Covered Area Rs.220/= to Rs.250/= per square ft.

Basement building Rs.310/= to Rs.350/= per square ft.

Masonry work: Rs.25/= per square ft.

Plaster work: Rs.15/= per square ft.

Marble work: Rs.20/= per square ft.

PCC floor before tile / marble: Rs.20/= per square ft. Bricks: Rs.7,800/= for 1000

Cement: Rs.508 per bag of 50 KG

Sand Chanab: Rs.4500/= trolly

Sand Ravi: Rs.3200/= per trolly

Steel: Rs.86,000/= per Ton ( Model Steel)

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House construction rates are between Rsupees 1400 to 2500 square feet in Punjab.

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