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Faialabad Information
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During the last decade of nineteenth century, a Massive desert lying between chanab and ravi rivers was Brought under plough. With the construction of the lower Chanab canal, it became possible to irrigate this Waterless wasteland. In 1892, the colonization Operations were started by the administration of Jhang District, punjab province and completed in 1898. Early 1904 a new district was formed by the name of Lyallpur With its headquarter at Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) a town Named after sir james lyall, lieutenant Governor of the Punjab. On september 1, 1977, lyallpur was renamed as Faisalabad after king faisal of saudi arabia in Recognition of his outstanding services to Pakistan. Today, Faisalabad is the third largest city of pakistan After karachi and lahore. It is the second revenue- Generating city of the Punjab province and is calleo as Manchester of Pakistan because of its predominance in The textile industry.


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