Fort Munro Hill station Pakistan summer resort snow mountains


Fort Munro Hill station Pakistan summer resort snow mountains. Fort Munro is a beautiful place in Balochistan near DG Khan hill station. It has four small hill stations named known as Ghora Daka, Khanspur; Changla Gali and Khairagali. These four resorts scattered over an area of about 16 miles / 26 kms are now being developed as a modern hill resort complex . when fully developed, Ayubia will provide modern comfort and conveniences including hotels, restaurants and facilities for summer and winter sports..


Tourism History of Fort Munro

Tourism History of Fort Munro was founded by Robert Groves Sandeman in the ninteenth century and named Fort Munro after Colonel A. A. Munro who was commissioner.

Geography and climate of Fort Munro

Fort Munro is part of the Sulaiman Mountain range. The range's eastern face dips steeply to the Indus River, but on the west the range declines more gradually. Juniper and edible pines abound in the north and olives in the centre, but vegetation is scarce in the south. In the south, west of Dera Ghazi Khan, lies the hill station of Fort Munro.

CPEC Tourism of Fort Munro

Under China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Fort munro is getting huge development projects like western route of CPEC. Modern steel bridges are being made with the help of China. Fort Munro attracts a lot of of tourists every year, particularly those who wish to escape from hot plains of southern Punjab. The Punjab Government has started basic facilities at the hill station in a bid to make it an important tourist haven..


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Lake Saif-ul-Maluk of Kaghan

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk Road goes along the river Kunhar, meandering now to one side and now to the other. But keeping most to the bed of the valley and never too far above the bank of the stream except in the very first state.

The Kaghan Valley is accessible by road from Abbottabad. From Abbottabad, 72 km drive to Balakot, the gateway to Kaghan valley. Here you have to switch over to jeeps for your drive 100 km to Kaghan Valley.



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