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Gujranwala is a relatively recent creation in history. Other now smaller town in the vicinity for example Sohdara Amin Abad Wazir Abad and Ghakkar have older anticident than Gujranwala itself .Gujranwala -Punjab is famous for its Industry of Fan, air conditioner washing sanitary ceramic industry machine Gujranwala Pakistan. At the time Ahmad Shah Abdali Invaded India in 1774 .To engage the Marhata's he traveled from Lahore northwards to town of Shahdara,Sirai,Fazal Abad,Pul Shahdola,Amin Abad,Sirai Kachi, Ghakkar,Nazim Abad. Qazir Abad onward. Famous people from Gujranwala include Ranjit Singh, the Ruler of Sikh religion, before the British rule, Sohail Ahmed Azzizi, Hamid Nasir Chattha, Saba Qamar, Atif Aslam, Dildar Pervaiz bhatti, Actor Munawar Zarif, Muhammad Younas Butt, Goga Pahalwan, and Actor Babu Baral.

Gujranwala is a very busy city and transport is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. one of Pakistan's most accessible cities and the only city in the country where one can find public and private transportation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.Due to extensive road and rail links the city has flourished within the manufacturing and agricultural markets.


The origin of the name Gujranwala is shrouded in mists of time and one is forced to reffer again to the first gazetteer 1874. Gujranwala is known for its extensive production of sugarcane, melons and grains for international export. Gujranwala exports one of the world's finest quality varieties of rice. The Gujranwala city has set up several commercial and industrial centres allowing the manufacture of ceramics, fans, electrical switch gears, engineering tools, agricultural machinery, steel bars, cutlery, ceramics, crockery, iron safes, metal tool, utensils, textiles, woollen sweaters, bath room sanitary fittings, ceramic floor tiles, marble tiles and tannery production. Gujranwala city is the home of strong wrestlers and bodybuilders of the subcontinent, which has resulted in the nickname 'City of wrestlers' or Phelwana da shehar in Punjabi. for some reason the Jaat Tribe Gujar occuipied the land. They reach such dominance that the town came to be known as Gujranwala is majority of the Sahnsi people continued to cultivate the land but were weak.

Dr.Qureshi cites oral evidence from a resident and also cites inflection of the word Gujjar to support his conclusion " we , the inhabitant of Gujranwala " have two sounds of the letter Gaf- the soft letter and the hard leter. We pronounced Gujranwal with the soft one .The word Gujar " milkman " is pronounced with the hard Gaf and Gujrar Jaat with the soft Gaf therefore it is not unreasonable to accept the view that it is from Gujjars(milkman) that the citi got its name.


Gujranwala is a rapidly developing commercial and industrial nerve center in Pakistan. It is playing a major role to support the Pakistan economy. It is a large industrial city with numerous textile mills, cutlery industry and large agricultural processing plants. Major exports include rice, sanitary fittings, textiles, plastic furniture, pots, room coolers and heaters, gas stove, agricultural tools and equipments, electrical equipment, carpets, glass goods, surgical equipment, leather products, metal utensils, automotive machinery parts, and machinery for military uses, transformers, electric fans, hosiery, washing machines, rice husking plants, agricultural implements, motorcycles, food products, domestic & industrial motors are being manufactured which have been displayed in Made-in-Gujranwala exhibitions every year


Dr.Waheed Quereshi names four villages in the Vacinity at the time of Abdalies invasion i.e in the late18th century.

1. Sirai Kachi: A european merchant in the area in 1608 ad.and mentioned in his memoir a place he calls Coojes Serai .before finch there is a very little evidence in history of Sirai Kachi . by the late 18th century it was a wagon stop village an inn and a graveyard. Probably the antecedent of Chaman Shah garavyard in existance today.

2.Sirai Gujran : This village existed in the area inside the current Khiyaaly Gate in the city. Hafiz Abdul haq in his " Tareekh-e-Gujranwala" and " Molvi Adbul Malik in his " Shahan-e-Gujran" mention Sirai Gujran.

3.Sirai Kambohaan: Charat Singh a sikh leader built a Mud Forte here in 1758 .

4. Thatta : This village existed between the current railway line and the G.T.Road .Charat Singh son Mahaan Singh develop this village

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