Pakistani Hyderabad: Places to See Tourists mountains


Pakistani Hyderabad: Places to See Tourists mountains.If you have come to  Hyderabad You must visit


On the northern side of the hill on which Hyderabad is sited there are tombs from the Talpur and Kalhora periods. Ornately decorated with geometric and floral designs,the tomb of Ghulam Shah Kalhora is one of the finest, although its dome collapsed and has now been replaced by a flat roof.Square Tomb has an octagonal chamber and retains exquisite Blue and White Title work.


Shahi Bazar is blieved to be one of the longest Bazaar of Pakistan.This 2 kilometer maze of narrow crowded lane offers Shop selling Jewellery,shoes,Lacquer ware, Textiles and Rillies(Sindhi Blanket)


Qadam Qah of Hazrat Ali is a stone slab with the hands and Footprints of Hazrat Ali.




Hyderabad has two forts (Qilas).Pacca Qila is made of baked bricks and so is known as "Pacca Qila".while the other being made with un-baked bricks is commonly known as "Kacha Qila".Hyderabad Fort is built by Ghulam Shah Kalhora.Nearby is the Shah Makkai Fort,built to protect the mausoleum of Sheikh Makkai.Although the fort is in ruins devotess from all over Sindh visit the shrine.
Also worth a visit is the Institute of Sindhhology's museum at the University of Sindh. It has displays on all aspects of Sindhi history, music and culture depicting the lifestyles of the desert tribes. Infrequent buses go to the campus, otherwise take a miniwagon to Jumshoro, across the river from Hyderabad.The Battlefield at Miani is about ten kilometers (six miles) north of Hyderabad and some five kilometers (three miles) off the National Highway.The memorial is down a dusty narrow track in the forest and you'll need a local guide to find it. Hyderabad's eighteenth-century fort was first the court of the Kalhora dynasty and then that of the Talpur Amirs. According to contemporary British descriptions it must have been splendid, but apart from the tower, main entrance, and a room in the harem, little remains to be seen. Portraits of the Amirs and their weapons are exhibited in what passes as the Fort Museum near the railway station. Their stove-pipe hats are on display in Hyderabad's Sindh Provincial Museum, near the Polytechnic College and opposite the Sui Southern Gas may also contact Archaeology Department, Pacca Qilla for information about this magnificent fort.

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Lake Saif-ul-Maluk of Kaghan

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk Road goes along the river Kunhar, meandering now to one side and now to the other. But keeping most to the bed of the valley and never too far above the bank of the stream except in the very first state.

The Kaghan Valley is accessible by road from Abbottabad. From Abbottabad, 72 km drive to Balakot, the gateway to Kaghan valley. Here you have to switch over to jeeps for your drive 100 km to Kaghan Valley.


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