Imran Khan| Prime Minister of Pakistan PTI


Imran Khan is world famous cricketer and Current Prime Minister of Pakistan. Imran Khan is the chairman of PTI, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. Khan was born on November 25, 1952 in Mianwali.

Imran Khan's PTI has defeated the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz in 2018 General Elections.
Imran is from the Niazi Pashtun Shermankhel tribe of Mianwali, Pakistan. His family is settled in Lahore Punjab, however, he still considers his background Pathan as per his autobiography (Warrior Race: A Journey Through the Land of the Tribal Pathans). Imran attended Aitchison College and the Cathedral School in Lahore until he finished middle school, then entered the Royal Grammar School, Worcester, before completing his formal schooling with an undergraduate degree in Economics from Keble College, Oxford. While at University, Imran was also the captain of the Oxford University cricket team in 1974. He and his mother, Shaukat Khanum, come from a cricketing family--the Burki's, with two of his cousins, Javed Burki and Majid Khan, also having played Test cricket for Pakistan.

This famous Pashtun is not only known for his performances on the field, but off the field as well. Labelled by some as an international playboy, Khan was once voted as the "iest Man of The Year" by Australia Magazine Oz.

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Cricket career of Imran Khan

Imran Khan reached the peak of his cricket power in 1982 as the fastest attack bowler. In 1992, He won the world cup for Pakistan. Imran played Test cricket for Pakistan between 1971 and 1992, and was captain of the national team when they won their maiden World Cup in 1992. Currently, Imran is a member of Parliament and leader of the political party that he founded, the Tehreek-e-Insaf (Movement for Justice).

Playing with a brittle batting line-up, Imran Khan promoted himself as a batsman to play in the top order along with Javed Miandad. At the age of 39, Imran Khan took the winning last wicket himself.. .




Shaukat Khanum and Billions Trees

billion-treeImran Khan started fund raising for pakistan's first cancer hospital in 1993. Shaukat Khanum hospital was built within two years in 1995. Imran Khan's party PTI won elections in Khyber Pakhtumkhwa in 2013. He planted one billion trees in KPK under Bon Challenge.

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