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Kasur City Punjab Pakistan - Fruits Citrus Mango

Bulleh shah shrine kasur

Kasur city was established in nineteenth(19th) century Kasur city is situated near Lahore on the border of India. Bulleh shah was the most famous personality of Kasur. The shrine of Hazrat Bulleh shah is visited by thousands of people every day. The ferozpur road of Lahore can get you there. People are living here from approximately 2,000 years ago, although the name of the original settlement remains unknown. The settlement was abandoned and eventually was re-established by seven Pashtun tribes during the Mughal era, who are known to have built several forts, or "qasar" in Persian, in the area. Bade Ghulam ali khan and khursheed mahmood kasuri are famous people from Kasur. The plural of the Persian word "Qasar" is "Qasur," which closely approximates the modern spelling of the town. Kasur is beautiful gorgeous city is often called Mini Lahore.  Civil Secretariat, Aiwan-i-Adal, Chowk Katchehry (District Courts), Shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh, Ravi Road and Shahdra town.

Mitchells Fruit Farm KasurMitchells Fruit Farm is also situated in Kasur city. History speaks of these freedom fighters who were few in number and they put to death Lord Burkley and his fifty soldiers.When the British Govt., after defeating Sikh rulers, ruled this area in 1849.They established a new district in Pakpattan which was later on Shifted to Gogera,a town near the Ravi. When a Railway line was laid out between Multan and Lahore it was shifted to Montogornery in 1864. This area remained the part of Montgomery District. In 1915. Kasur became Tehsil.It was established Committee in 1939 and Municipal Committee in 1945.After the creation of Pakistan, Kasur played a vital role for the progress of the country. In July, 1982, Kasur became District consisting of two Tehsils, Depalpur, Baseerpur, Satghara, Gogera, Sherghar, Hujra, Shah Muqeem and Renala Khurd are towns of this city.ucting the MBS, a copy of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) of Istanbul, in collaboration with Turkish and local experts.etc.


Citrus, Mango, Oranges, Onions in Kasur

Kasur Oranges

Kasur is cultivating high quality citrus, mango, onion, potato, and oranges  for entire world. Kasur is located at 127 KM south-west of Lahore on national highway (G.T.Road) and on Lahore Karachi main railway line. Its approximate height above sea level is 50 meters. INDUSTRIES OF RENALA KHURD Renala is a proper Tehsil of Kasur.Its politically and industrically is a backbone of Kasur district.Mitchells Fruit farm which is the bigest farm of world( which is now Miltry farm has his own importance in army.Milk factory in sathghara.Hydral powerstation which is one of more popular hydral stations of world and it is situated on Loar bari do aab.Milkpack factory in Renala. RAILWAY STATION There is a railway station in Renala Khurd which is called Renala Railway Station.Renala is very lucky that it has its own Railway station .There are 8 railway gates in district Kasur and three railway gates are in Renala Tehsil. TOWN AND VILLAGES There are more than five towns of tehsil renala like,Akhtrabad,Chuchaq,Sathghara,Bama bala etc. There are more than 150 villages in tehsil Renala Khurd. ROADS AND BAZARS OF RENALA KHURD 1-Sadar Bazar which is main Bazar of Renala Khurd. 2-Dabi Bazar. 3-Railway road Bazar. 4-Churi Bazar. 5-SherhGhar Road Bazar. 6-Main Road Bazar. 7-Phataq Bazar. 8-Welcome Road Bazar. 9-Sabzi Mandi Bazar. 10-Sabzi Mandi. 11-Ghla Mandi. 12-Karkhana Bazar. IMPORTANT ROADS 1-Welcome Road. 2-Mitchells Road. 3-Railway road. 4-Chuchaq Road. 5-Multan Road. 6-Baldia Road. 7-Anwar Shaheed Road and its Bazar. 8-Sherghar Road. 9-Kucha Anwar Pasha. 10-Kafayat Street. 11-Kachi gnce. Red Volvo Buses are running on dedicated lanes. The government and the Lahorites took the MBS inauguration like a festive event and a large number of people thronged the route to welcome the inaugural operations right from Gajjumata to Shahdra. The people, including government officials and PML-N workers, showered rose petals on the buses carrying distinguished guests..





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