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Kasur city was established in nineteenth(19th) century Kasur city is situated near Lahore on the border of India. Bulleh shah was the most famous personality of Kasur. The shrine of Hazrat Bulleh shah is visited by thousands of people every day. The ferozpur road of Lahore can get you there. People are living here from approximately 2,000 years ago, although the name of the original settlement remains unknown.

The settlement was abandoned and eventually was re-established by seven Pashtun tribes during the Mughal era, who are known to have built several forts, or "qasar" in Persian, in the area. Bade Ghulam ali khan and khursheed mahmood kasuri are famous people from Kasur. The plural of the Persian word "Qasar" is "Qasur," which closely approximates the modern spelling of the town..

Kasur is beautiful gorgeous city is often called Mini Lahore.  Aiwan-i-Adal, Chowk Katchehry (District Courts), Shrine of Syed Bullah Shah.



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Famous People of Kasur
  • Notable people of Kasur include Syed Bulleh Shah, a Sufi saint and spiritual poet
  • Hafiz Ghulam Murtaza, teacher of Bulleh Shah and Waris Shah
  • Noor Jehan, singer and actress
  • Basit Jehangir Sheikh, former Member of Provincial Assembly
  • Malik Meraj Khalid former Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • Ahmad Raza Khan Kasuri
  • Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, journalist, writer
  • Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan current speaker Punjab assembly
  • Asif Ahmad Ali, former Foreign Minister
  • Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, former Foreign Minister
  • Bakhtiar Mahmud Kasuri, politician and founding member of PTI
  • Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, a Hindustani classical vocalist Barkat Ali Khan
  • Najam Sethi, journalist, writer
  • Sardar Arif Nakai, former Chief Minister of Punjab
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Kasur Agriculture

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The main Agriculture crops in Kasur are wheat, oranges, corn, rice, potatoes, sugar cane and turmeric.


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