Lahore Fire Fighting Rescue 1122 Emergency

rescue 1122 fireThe Rescue 1122 is present in all cities of Punjab. In case of any emergency like accident, earthquake, heart attack you should call at 1122.


Name Phone No.
Fire Fighting 16
Rescue 1122 1122
Badami Bagh 200376, 200352
Band Road 37419456
Kintonment 39220400
Sity Watar Works 37639020, 37659642
Ferospur Road 35856722, 35850339
Janah Hall 9211280, 9200281
Mustafa Aabad 36814041
Queens Road 36361450
Shad Bagh 36860914
Shahdara 37932876, 37932892
Shah Mohd. Ghos 37653241
Shalimar 36818729, 36826821
Timber Mrkt. 200179


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