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LAHORE is a Municipal city, has been the capital of Punjab for nearly a thousand years, and the administrative head-quarters of a Division and District of the same name. It is situated one mile to the south of the river Ravi, and some 23 miles from the eastern border of the district. The city is built in the form of a parallelogram, the area within the walls, exclusive of the citadel, being about 461 acres. It stands on the alluvial plain traversed by the river Ravi. The city is slightly elevated above the plain, and has a high ridge within it, running east and west on its northern side. The whole of this elevated ground is composed of the accumulated debris of many centuries. The river, which makes a very circuitous bend from the East, passes in a semi-circle to the North of Lahore.

Lahore has a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. It is a fine place to watch the world rush by. The improbable mix of painted trucks, cars, bullock carts, buses, handcarts, scooters with whole families. A classical city, according to the words of Nur Jahan.

"I have purchased Lahore with my life, By giving my life for Lahore, Actually I have purchased another Paradise," Empress Nur Jahan

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