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MultanMultan, is a big city in the southwern part of Pakistani Punjab. Multan - South Punjab has Clock Tower in the downtown of city, shah Ruk ne Alam shrine is situated for Brelvi Muslims of Multan. Multan in the lower Punjab ot south Punjab, is claimed to be the oldest surviving city on the subcontinent, dating back some 4000 years. Once an important centre of Islam, it has since attracted more mystics, holy men and saints than you can shake a shalwar qamiz at. Today, Multan is dominated by their tombs and shrines, a fort that affords superlative views over the city, and one of the best bazaars in Pakistan - those not converted by Anita Roddick might like to snap up the skin potion, made from lizards, which is said to be an

Multan Shah Ruk ne Alam Tomb

Badshahi Mosque Multan

It's a 570km (353mi) trek down to Multan from Islamabad. Buses and minbuses descend on Multan from a variety of destinations including Karachi, MULTAN, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Hyderabad, dropping passengers off at the chaotic general bus station. Trains (a more comfortable way to travel) shuffle between MULTAN, Karachi, and Rawalpindi.


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The tomb of Shah Shamas Sabzwari is situated near the Aam Khas Bagh, about a quarter of a mile on the east of the ancient port on the high bank of the old bed of the Ravi which is now filled with a multitude of modern buildings.

Shah shams Sabzwari was a celebrated "Ismaili Dai". Very little is known about Shams Sabzari's life. According to a popular legend, he arrived in Multan at the time of Shaikh Baha-al-Din Zakariya. He breathed his last at the age of 111 years

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GC MultanMultan is called the city of gardens and colleges. Government College Multan is the biggest name that has been converted into a university. Former Chrishtian or FC college is also very famous. Multan College for women university is also liked by girls of Multan. Home Economics, Kinnaird College are best colleges for girl students.



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