Introduction of Multan Punjab Pakistan

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Multan, one of the most ancient cities of Pakistan has the distinctian of possessing an almost uninterrupted history of religio-political activities spread over a period of not less than five thousand years. Multan has the longest continuous history in Punjab.
Originally the river Ravi flowed through Multan. But about 300 years ago the river turned its course westward. It is now the river Chenab which flows by this ancient city. According to some traditions, Multan is as old as Noah's flood. It is also said that Alexander the Great conquered the city in 326-325 BC after a fierce battle.
Hieun Tsang, the famous Chinese pilgrim visited this great city in 641 AD. He calls it "the City of the Temple of the Sun". When Muhammad Bin Qasim captured the city in 712 AD it was being ruled by the father of Raja Dahir. Arab geographer Masudi visited Multan in 915 AD and found it under a Quraish King. In 980 the town fell



Multan's History

multan shah rukne_Alam After Shaha.buddin Ghauri, in the thirteenth & fourteenth centuries, Multan suffered from the Mongol raids. In 1527 Multan was captured by Babar. Under the Mughals the city enjoyed a period of peace and prosperity. On the distintegration of Mughal rule, Multan became a province of Afghanistan. Mu1tan was"captured by different Muslim rulers till the Sikh period. The last king of Sadozai dynasty was Nawab Muzzafar Khan, who died in action culminating in the capture and sack of Multan by

Attractions in Pakistan

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Lake Saif-ul-Maluk of Kaghan

Lake Saif-ul-Maluk Road goes along the river Kunhar, meandering now to one side and now to the other. But keeping most to the bed of the valley and never too far above the bank of the stream except in the very first state.

The Kaghan Valley is accessible by road from Abbottabad. From Abbottabad, 72 km drive to Balakot, the gateway to Kaghan valley. Here you have to switch over to jeeps for your drive 100 km to Kaghan Valley.


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