Nathia Gali Valley KPK hills mountains, Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali Abbottabad KPK Nathia Gali is beautiul hill station in the Abbottabad city of Khyber Paktunkhwa.

Lush Green trees, healthy looking grass and extremely cold weather is the properties of the sweet weather of gorgeous Nathia Gali area.

Nathia Gali's Beautiful Parks are always full of people from all parts of the world.

Nathia Gali park KPK is situated in the middle of Abbottabad.

Summers are popular amoung the tourists of Pakistan because of load shedding in all parts of Pakistan. Chilling weather with heavy snow fall can be seen in nathiagali during the winter season.





  1. Weather of Nathiagali remains chilling with a lot of snow falling

  2. Nathia gali is a part of the Galyat range, where many gorgeous hills are living since 5 billion years, connected to each other.

  3. Nathiagali is covered by all mobile phone operators with 4G facility. Internet is avaibalbe 24 hours a day.

  4. During the summer, Nathia Gali is relatively popular amongst tourists.

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Nathia Gali Park

Nathia gali is an area situated around a beautiful street. Kalam Valley is a beautiful valley near Swat River in Swat, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa state of Pakistan. Kalam Valley is known for its gorgeous waterfalls, stunning lakes and lush green mountains. This valley is a 274 kilo meter away from Islamabad. It is a popular destination for international tourists. At 29 kilometres (18 mi) from Bahrain and about 2,000 meters (6,800 ft) above sea level, the valley opens out, providing rooms for a small but fertile plateau above the river. In Kalam the Ushu and Utrot rivers join to form the Swat River. Here, the metalled road ends and shingle road leads to the Ushu and Utrot valleys. From Matiltan one gets a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Mount Falaksir 5918 meters (19,415 ft), and of another unnamed peak 6096 meters (20,000 ft.) high.

Hazara Expressway Hazara Motorway under CPEC
China is making China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC). Nathiagalai will have an interchange of Hazara Expressway. Inaugurated Islamabad to murree expressway makes it more attractive due to short distance from the capital city Islamabad. Traveling from Islamabad is a hassle free & comfortable drive (about 30 km). the most attractive places in murree includes Mall road, Pindi Point & Kashmir point.


During early nineteenth century, Hunza resented Kashmir's attempts to gain control and its rulers periodically expelled Kashmir garrisons, threatended Gilgit, and politicked with the rulers of Kashgar to the north where the Russians were gaining influence. Fearing Russians infiltration into their northern frontiers, the British took over direct political control at Gilgit in 1889. Incesant fratricidal intrigues in Hunza and Nagar made the areas doubly insecure. This, coupled with the Mir of Hunza's consistent intransigence induced the British to march on Hunza in December 1891, where they fought a decisive battle at Nilit, 60 km beyond Diaynor Bridge. After this the British garrisoned Aliabad until 1897 when Hunza became a princely state protected by the Government of British India. After the Pakistan was created in 1947, the people of Hunza also gained liberation and the princely state was merged in Pakistan.

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