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Pakistan is full of beautiful Tourist attractions. Perhaps the most sought out is the beautiful Nathiagali perched 2501 metres high about 32 km away from Murree.  The bracing air of the surrounding mountains is as pure as fresh spring water. (Lush Green Parks, Gardens, Snowy Mountains Hill stations)

Dungagali : Attractions of Pakistan

Another tourist attraction of Pakistan, Dungagali is a picturesque small resort situated on the slopes of the Mukshpuri hill (2376 m.).  It commands a charming view of a series of wooded spurs projecting towards the river Jhelum on the western side.  From Dungagali one can climb the 2813 m peak of Mukhshpuri, which is the highest point in the range.  Natural springs abound on the slopes.  It is 30 km from Murree.


It is 16 km from Murree at an elevation of 2346 m and commands a panoramic view on either side of the ridge.


It is 16 km from Murree at an altitude of 2559 m.  There is a rest house located in the most picturesque surroundings.


Patriata: Attractions of Pakistan

Shangrilla Resort in GilgitPatriata is 25 km from Murree.  The TDCP has developed a new tourist resort at Patriata.  There is chairlift and cable car system which takes visitors upto Patriata Ridge in two stages from Gulehra Gali.  The first stage is by chair lift up to Patriata Bazaar.  From here visitors transfer to cable car gondolas for the ride up to Patriata Ride.  A restaurant has also been established. Further plans include development of a wildlife park at the mid-station.

Thandiani: Attraction of Pakistan in Abbottabad

Thundiani>Snow filled tourist attraction for europeans is situated on Pakistani mountains, Thandiani, is supposed to be coldest among the hill stations of Pakistan.  the approach to Thandiani 2691 metres above sea level, is from Abbottabad, the gateway to almost all the beautiful places in the north.  Thandiani can also be reached from the Murree-Nathiagali route, but it takes more time and the road is too winding.

Thandiani is 31 km from main Abbottabad city and 25 km from Thandiani-Nathiagali crossing. the drive takes more or less 80 minutes from Abbottabad with lovely views on both sides of the road.  The road spans more than 1219 m above Abbottabad. On the way along with tall majestic pine trees you come across groups of monkeys.  The major place on the way is Kalapani at 23 km from Abbottabad. It has a beautiful local dak bungalow.  Hule Ka Danna is about two kilometres north of Thandiani. It is one of the most beautiful glades in the region.

Thandiani offers lush green lovely views.  At night the lights of Hazara District and Azad Kashmir are clearly visible.  To the east beyond the Kunhar River, may be seen the snow covered mountain ranges of Kashmir, to the north and north-east, the mountains of Kohistan and Kaghan are sighted, to the north-west are snowy ranges of Swat and Chitral.



Murreee: Cool Attraction of Pakistan

Northern areas of PakistanMurree spreads along the top of a ridge for about five kilometres (three miles).  At the north-east end is Kashmir Point, with views across the valley of the Jhelum River into Azad Kashmir.  At the south-west end is Pindi Point, looking back towards Rawalpindi and Islamabad.  Between the two runs The Mall, at the centre of which is the main shopping area, where most people congregate.  Numerous roads leave.  The Mall and either follow the contours of the ridge or descend to the principal road.  Promenading and shopping are Murree's main amusements, or riding in the new chair-lifts, one from Bansara Gali (below Murree) to Pindi Point, the other to the top of Patriata hill (on the road to Karor); both rides cost about Rs. 50 and take half an hour with a change from open chair-lift to the enclosed bubble in the middle.
Good buys in Murree are Kashmiri shawls, furs, walking sticks, fruits and nuts.  Murree's pistachio nuts are reputed to be the best in Pakistan.




Bhurban Murree PC Hotel


bhurban pc hotelBhurban is a minor resort eight kilometers (five miles) from Murree on the road leading north-east to Kohala and the Jhelum Valley.  The golf course here is open only to members.  From near the Pearl Continental hotel you can take one of the many delightful paved walks through the woods.

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