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Pakistan is full of international airports.

We are providing the list of Airports in Pakistan over here. This includes every single Pakistan Airports - International Airports, Domestic Airports, Military and Private Airports etc... If you are planning a visit Pakistan or travel to any city in Pakistan, knowledge about the airports and other travel facility will be really useful. Get Pakistan Codes, location of Airports, Pakistan Airport Map etc...
Karachi and Lahore airport are very busy.The history of development of Peshawar Airport goes back to 1927 when a small airfield was constructed at this location in 1927. After the creation of Pakistan, it became a joint user airfield of CAA and PAF. The milestone of being an International Airport was achieved in 1965 when the first flight between Kabul and Peshawar was operating. Based on growing needs, expansion of this airport had been undertaken from time to time. Terminal Building had been extended in 1981 and 1986 to accommodate over 1000 Millions passengers per year and the APRON allows parking of four wide bodied and two smaller aircrafts at a time.Karachi Airport's Jinnah was made just to keep abreast with the global aviational activities, Jinnah International Terminal was constructed and commissioned in 1992. This terminal was constructed under the guidance and supervision of world re-known company M/s. Bectel to provide world class services to the traveling passengers. Karachi Airport's Jinnah Terminal comprises seven levels with vast parking area on land side, daily passenger flow from this Terminal is 20,000 passengers approximately against the capacity of 40000 passengers per day.
Contact Info
Abbottabad Airport
Ph: (92-992) 4453
Bahawalpur Airport
Ph: (92-621) 882964
Bannu Airport
Ph: (92-928) 3706-4687
Chitral Airport
Ph: (92-933) 2597-2915
Dal Badin
Dal Badin Airport
Ph: (92-8125) 210200
Dera Ghazi Khan
Dera Ghazi Khan Airport
Ph: (92-641) 69150
Dera Ismail Khan
Dera Ismail Khan Airport
Ph: (92-961) 740592
Faisalabad Airport
Ph: (92-41) 623427-677841-677842-620083
Gawadar Airport
Ph: (92-204) 2398
Gilgit Airport
Ph: (92-572) 3397
Hyderabad Airport
Ph:(92-221) 863253-85380
Islamabad Airport
Ph: (92-51) 9280308-9280300-9280301-9280302
Jacobabad Airport
Ph: (92-721) 513060
Jinnah Airport
021-9248690 4671657 021-4671648
Khuzdar Airport
Ph: (92-87) 412252-2747
Lahore Airport
Ph: (92-42) 6660711-9220508-9220525
Fax:(92-42) 9220507
Mian Wali
MianWali Airport
Ph: (92-459) 3060-32020
Mirpur Khas
Mirpur Khas Airport
Ph: (92-231) 3698
Saidu Sharif
Saidu Sharif Airport
Ph: (92-936) 812572
Sakardu Airport
Ph: (92-575) 2436
Sehwan Sharif
Sehwan Sharif Airport
Ph: (92-2292) 620708
Sukkar Airport
Ph: (92-71) 30285-31201
Turbat Airport
Ph: (92-861) 413366-2076-3366
Ahob Airport
Ph: (92-822) 2985-2927




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