Pakistan Railway Times : Lahore raiway station

pakistan railways Pakistan Railway Times : Lahore raiway station. History of Pakistan Railways

At the time of independence, (1947) Pakistan Railway had all steam operation and wooden passenger carriages.
The first rail track in what is now Pakistan was opened on April 13, 1861 between Karachi and Kotri, a distance of 105 miles.




Railway Time Table
Train name Arrival Departure From TO
Khyber Mail 05:30 22:00 Karachi Peshawar
Tezrao 13:45 9:45 Karachi Rawalpindi
Tezgam 17:25 16:30 Karachi Rawalpindi
Subuk Raftar 12:00 07:00 Lahore Rawalpindi
Night Coach 04:30 23:45 Lahore Rawalpindi
Shalimar 01:15 06:30 Karachi Lahore
Karachi Express 10:30 18:00 Karachi Lahore

Lahore Fort Road:

Lahore Fort Alamgiri DoorLahore Fort or Shahi Qila was constructed by great Mughal emperor Akbar in solid brick masonry on its earlier foundations. Also perhaps, its area was extended towards the river Ravi. Historical records show that this building is new but the fort is more than 1000 years old.

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International Connections

Pakistan Railways connect with India at Wagha and with Iran at Kohi Taftan. .


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