Rescue 1122 Punjab Lahore Multan Rawalpindi Faisalabad

Rescue 1122 ambulanceRescue 1122 Punjab is helping people in Lahore Multan Rawalpindi Faisalabad.

Rescue 1122 is great initiative by the Chief Minister Mr. Pervaiz Elahi.

Rescue 1122 has saved millions of precious lives during 2003 to 2018 in Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, and Multan and Sargodha city.

Rescue 1122 people can be called during extreme emergencies by dialing 1122 from your landline and mobile phones.


Fire Fighting 16
Rescue 1122 1122
Badami Bagh 200376, 200352
Band Road 37419456
Kintonment 39220400
Sity Watar Works 37639020, 37659642
Ferospur Road 35856722, 35850339
Janah Hall 9211280, 9200281
Mustafa Aabad 36814041
Queens Road 36361450
Shad Bagh 36860914
Shahdara 37932876, 37932892
Shah Mohd. Ghos 37653241
Shalimar 36818729, 36826821
Timber Mrkt. 200179

Lahore is Pakistan's cultural, educational and artistic capital. Lahore is an ancient city and its history dates back to 630 AD. It was at its most glorious during the Mughal rule and has some of the best examples of Mughal architecture in South Asia. Badshahi Mosque shown above is a beautiful grand structure. Also seen in Lahore are some fine colonial buildings of the British Era. Most of the Mughal monuments like Shahi Qila are located in and around the old city of Lahore which had twelve gates and a wall around it. Although most of the wall is gone, some gates are still there. The old city is still very alive and vibrant with a maze of narrow roads, lanes and bustling bazaars. Lahore has expanded immensely over the last 50 years and is still growing.


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Lahore Fort Road:

Lahore Fort Alamgiri DoorLahore Fort or Shahi Qila was constructed by great Mughal emperor Akbar in solid brick masonry on its earlier foundations. Also perhaps, its area was extended towards the river Ravi. Historical records show that this building is new but the fort is more than 1000 years old.

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Lahore Colleges and Universities

GC LahoreLahore is called the city of gardens and colleges. Government College lahore is the biggest name that has been converted into a university. Former Chrishtian or FC college is also very famous. Lahore College for women university is also liked by girls of Lahore. Home Economics, Kinnaird College are best colleges for girl students.


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