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Sargodha is located in the north-east of Pakistan. It is known as Pakistan's best citrus-producing area. It is an agricultural trade centre with various industries. SARGODHA is Pakistan's cultural, educational and artistic capital. SARGODHA is an ancient city and its history dates back to 630 AD.The airbase is also home to the Combat Commanders School (CCS), formerly the Fighter Leader's School, an elite training facility for training Pakistan Air Force pilots in fighter tactics and weapons. Although most of the wall is gone, some gates are still there. The old city is still very alive and vibrant with a maze of narrow roads, lanes and bustling bazaars. SARGODHA has expanded immensely over the last 50 years and is still growing.
The term Sargodha has its origins in the words Sar, meaning pond (Talab), and Godha, meaning sadhu baba. Sargodha is largely an agricultural and industrial city. The vast fields in the city have allowed the farmers to develop a range of crops and animal breeding programs. Some of the main crops include citrus, wheat, rice, and sugar cane, which are exported to the other cities as well as internationally !


Economy and Industry of Sargodha City

Orange of sargodhaEven with agricultural goods being the major income generator for the city as well as the district, the economy and industry has been diversifying itself to generate more demand for other goods which can be manufactured and produced in the city. Other industrial markets include: beverages, manufacture of diesel engines, foundry products, glass products, leather footwear, oil mills, pesticides, insecticides, poultry feed, plastics, readymade garments

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Sargodha Medical College (SMC) is located just outside the city offering not only MBBS but also postgraduate education and training. A new 100 acre state of the art campus has been built recently to accommodate the increasing demand for medical education in the city. University College of Agriculture (UCA), A constituent college of University of Sargodha is providing education and professional training in the field of Agriculture and Animal Sciences, UCA offers degrees from undergraduate level (BSc. Honors) to PhD in different disciplines of agricultural and animal sciences.

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