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Sialkot is the biggest sports goods manufaturer city in Pakistan. It's football is very much popular all over the world.

Sialkot is a city situated in Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located near Indo-Pak border, about 125 k.m. from Lahore, the capital of Punjab. This city is centries old. According to tradition, it was constructed by Raja Sul.

Famous Fort of Sialkot is still there but it is in the shape of a small hill now.
Sakala ( now Sialkot city ) was the capital of the Madras who are known in the late Vedic period ( Brihadáranyaka Upanishad ).

Sakaladvipa , or the 'island of Sakala was the name of the doab, or the land lying between the two rivers, between Chandrabhága (Chenab) and Iravati (Ravi)..


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Sialkot History: Sialkot Fort

sialkot sports goodsThe city of Sialkot is believed to have been founded by one Raja Sul or Sala , the uncle of Pandhavas, whose heroic deeds are recorded in the epic Mahabharta. After his death some 5000 years ago, there is a tradition that the dynasity continued for some 1500 years and then the country was flooded and remained one vast uninhabited region for about 1000 years. The popular belief is that it was re-founded in the reign of Vikramaditya of Ujjain by Raja Sáliváhan or Sálbán, who built the fort and city and gave the place its present name. He was of Sia caste, and it is believed that the word "Sialkot" means 'the fort of Sia'. Legend also says the Salivahan had two sons; one Puran by name , was killed by the instrumentality of a wicked step-mother, and thrown inot a well, still the resort of pilgrims near Sialkot , called "Puran ka Kunwna", the well of Puran. (A Mohalla in the city is also named "Puran Nagar") Other son of Salivahan , Rasalu, became involved in wars with Raja Hudi, popularly stated to have been a Gakkhar chieftain. Being worsted in battle, Rasalu, as the price for piece, was forced to give his daughter in marriage to his conqueror, who gave the territory he had conquered to Rasalu's adopted son.
Sákala was the capital ,or one of the capitals, of the Greek kings of the House of Euthydemus, and the residence of Menander (Milinda). After the invasion of the Húnas (Huns) in the last quarte of the fifth century A.D. it became the capital of Toramána and his son Mihirakula. The antiquities of Sialkot are discussed by Sir Alexander Cunnigham in his Archaeological Survey Reports, II, 21, 22, and XIV, 44 to 47. It's early history is closely interwoven with traditions of the Raja Sáliváhan, his son Raja Rasálu and his foe, Raja Húdi, so famous in Punjab folk-lore.

Sialkot International airport

Sialkot airportSialkot International airport is a busy airport which helps in the cargo of large quantities of sports item to Europe and North America.SIAL CARGO is the cargo service of Sialkot International airport which provides cargo and related services to its regular carriers, non-schedule carriers, and Cargo Freighters from SIALKOT.

Airport is under the control of Civil Aviation authority (CAA)and is interested to grow the position in national and international Air Cargo Handling Services.

Iqabl Manzil of Allama Iqbal

iqbal mazilIqbal Manzal is the birth place of Pakistan's National Poet, Allama Mohammad Iqbal. It is located in Kashmiri Mohala. In 1861 Iqbal's grandfather Shaikh Rafiq buy this house and they shifted there from Mohala Khatikan.

Due to its resemble by Iqbal Government of Pakistan buy this historical building and prepare it as museum, Now it has been opened for visitors..



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