Sindh Province of Pakistan-Land of Indus

sindhThe province of Sindh has two gigantic seaports and both are located in Karachi. The biggest international airport of Pakistan is also situated in Karachi and is widely known as Qaid-e-Azam International airport.


The Sindh plain comprises mainly the province of Sindh and stretches between the Punjab plain and the arabian Sea. River Indus flows here as a single river and the plain comprises a vast fertile tract stretching westward from the narrow strip of flood plain on the right bank of River Indus, and a vast expanse of desert stretching eastward from the left bank. The desert area is dry and desolate like Cholistan in the Punjab plain. But, the plain area right of River Indus is

green with a vast stretches of vegetation lined everywhere with avenues of trees.



Attractions in Sindh

Mohenjo Daro Sindh Museum
Sindh Parks Sindh Metro Bus

Sindh Fort Road

Sindh Fort Alamgiri DoorSindh Fort or Shahi Qila was constructed by great Mughal emperor Akbar in solid brick masonry on its earlier foundations. Also perhaps, its area was extended towards the river Ravi. Historical records show that this building is new but the fort is more than 1000 years old.

Cities of Sindh with Population

Karachi 14.8 Millions
Hyderabad 2.1 million
Sukkur 1.3 million
Larkana .9 million
Nawabshah .4 million

Sindh Ancient City Mohenjo Daro

The Province of sindh forms the lower Indus basin and lies between 23 to 35 Degree and 28-30, north latitude and 66-42 and 71-1-degree east longitude. It is about 579 kms in length from north to south and nearly 442 kms in its extreme breadth (281 kms average). It covers 1,40,915 square kms and is about as large as England.




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