Spantik Peak Karakorum Rakposhi Spantik Peak

Spantik is known the trekkers peak in the Pherparush groups of Karakorum range situated at the Rakaposhi and Haramosh massif, surrounded by Chogolugma, Kerolugma, Barpu and Pherphorush glaciers. The peak around Spantik is Golden poprash, Haramosh, 7600m, Rakaposhi 7788m, Diran 7266m, Liala 6660m, Sasi Sayar, 6048m, Bashkai Peak 7031m.

In 1892 a large expedition of WM Conway explored the area, finally, they crossed Noushik Pass in an altitude of 5272m, and descended down to kero Lugma glacier to explore more the area, it was 1959 a British cum Pakistan army expedition, under the leadership of Captain HRA, Streathere who explored the small peaks at Chogulugma and keo lugma glacier they attempted some small peaks due to a bad weather they could not get on the summit, luckly they got back.

This peak was climbed in 1978 by Japan expedition Hashi to Harashi (Storm & Star) which was led by Nakamura. The Royal Alpine Club expedition of Japan, but other information is that this peak was climbed by German in 1955 any way the modern techniques proved to make easy climb of difficult peaks.

1. The approach for this peak is Skardu –Shigar-Arundu-Doko –Base camp-

2. Gilgit-Hunza –Hopper –Berichakor –Barpu glacier –Base camp.

Technically it’s easy climb mostly ice and snow climb.

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