Sukker city Sindh Indus River Pakistan

Sukker Sindh Indus River Pakistan. The southeast Pakistani oasis of Sukkur lies at a major crossing of the Indus River in upper Sind province. The 2,900 kilometres Approximate-kilometre (1,800 miles Approximate-mile) Indus has been a strategic waterway for thousands of years, and along with the Nile and Tigris - Euphrates is regarded as a cradle of early civilization. The Indus, which rises in Tibet and eventually empties into the Arabian Sea, is Pakistan�s most important river for trade, for drinking and irrigation water, and for transport.


Barrage of sukker

                              The city of Sukker is believed to have been founded by one R


                    Iqbal Manzal is the birth place of Pakistan's National Poet, Allama Mohammad Iqbal. It is located in Kashmiri Mohala. In 1861 Iqbal's grandfather Shaikh Rafiq buy this house and they shifted there from Mohala Khatikan. Due to its resemble by Iqbal Government of Pakistan buy this historical building and prepare it as museum, Now it has been opened for visitors.


                          Raja Sal Bahan has been past a very famous ruler at Sialkot. He reconstructed the fort, that was made by Raja Shull. Raja Sal Bahan had two sons. One is Rasalu , who become Raja (Ruler) after the death of his father, while his other son was prince Poren , who seizure by her father's second wife. and raja got so anger that he ordered his soldiers to kill Prince Poren and thrown into a well outside city. So Raja's soldiers cut off his hands and feet and throw him into well .which is present outside city Sialkot yet and known as Poren's well..
' labour usage have resulted in a loss of market share to the new entrants in the business like Thailand, Korea and China. The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry has now almost controlled the incidents of child labour usage within the industry with the collaboration of the United Nations (ILO). Most of the companies have adopted the ISO standards.







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