1965 India Pakistan War | Indo Pak War 1965

war 1965 pakistan india 1965 War was won by the Pakistan Army in the command of great Pakistani Leader Field Marshal General Ayub Khan. At 3:00 a.m. on September 6, without a formal declaration of war, some Indian troops crossed the international border of Pakistan and launched a three-pronged offensive against Lahore, Sialkot and Kasur. There was a fierce tank battle on the plains of Punjab. The domestic Indo-Pak conflict transformed into an international conflict and raised super powers attention.
Pakistani Soldiers. The U.S. suspended military supplies to both sides during the Indo-Pak war. Both the Soviet Union and the United States took a united stand to curtail the conflict within the boundaries of Indo-Pakistan from escalating into a global conflict. China had threatened to intervene and offered military support on behalf of Pakistan. It was this fear that both the Soviet Union and the United States pressured the UN to arrange for an immediate ceasefire, to keep China away from this conflict.
In September, 1965, the long standing border disputes, communal tensions and conflict over the question of Kashmir flared up in a full-scale war between India and Pakistan.

The main diplomatic effort to stop the fighting was conducted under the United Nations auspices and a cease-fire came into effect on September 23, 1965.


MM Alam's Shooting Record 1965 War

war 1965 india pakistan MM Alam made a world record of shooting down five Indian war planes in less than a minute still remains unbroken. During 1965 Pak-India war, the great pilot Mr. MM Alam, while piloting an F-86 Sabre, shot down five Indian fighter jets in less than a minute and altogether, destroyed nine fighter aircrafts in the aerial fighting. MM Alam listed on top in the hall of fame list at the PAF Museum in Karachi. The Soviet Union which remained neutral when India and Pakistan went to war in September 1965, played the broker afterward at Tashkent.

A Soviet Government communique, formally announced on December 8 that the Indian Prime Minister Shastri and the Pakistani President Ayub would meet at Tashkent on January 4, 1966.

The Tashkent conference lasted from January 4 to January 10. The Soviet Premier Kosygin earned the praise as a peace maker. The main achievement of the conference was to withdraw, not later than February 25, 1966, all


Pakistan Army is the best army in the world according to the survey of different independent organization. India is attacking Kashmir since 1947.


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