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Khokhar Rishta for shaadi in London - Marriage Rishtay

Single Khokhar rishta for Marriage, Shaadi in London city. You can find Khokhar educated brides and grooms for Marriage here. Not for Dating only legal Jeevansathi, life partner. Shaadi ka rishta, Matrimonials of Pakistanis living in all cities of Pakistan, Canada and Europe.

Ask the consent of the bride and groom before the official ceremony of Marriage and nikah in London city residents. Muslim Girls normally don't post their photos. You can see beautiful picture of these Khokhar grooms and brides (no dating) only rishtay for Marriage below:

Khokhar rishta in London
Fozia kaleem

Muslim Male

from London for Marriage

Khokhar Rishta for shaadi



Skin Color -White

Income : 30,000  /month

Khokhar Matrimonials
Age: 27


Note: Khokhar Marriage in London. Muslims girls are Not for dating please.
Some girls don't post their real photo. They post photo of their favourite actress whose face resembles her face. If some matrimonial, Jeevansathi, shaadi profile is posted by somebody else or it was posted by you in the past but today you want to delete it afar your marriage, please inform us at contact  pakvisit

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