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Beauty Guide Home Pakistan Tips- Make up

Fashion Trends for winter and summer 2018 has become public by Karachi Week in September 2018 . The most beautiful female models did the  runway shows and parties for industry insiders, and shoppers. It has reached a position of prestige amongst anyone who has even the slightest interest in the world of couture and beauty. For the past two weeks, New York Fashion Week has taken over NYC as some of the top designers in the world displayed their gorgeous Spring and Summer 2018 collections.




Saadia Mirza 2018 Trends

Saadia Mirza is considered the Queen of Pakistani fashion industry. Our team has conducted an interview this great designer.

The design philosophy at Saadia Mirza is to combine contemporary silhouettes with traditional techniques of old, making it appealing to an international clientele who have an appreciation for the grandeur and extravagance of a regal past but expect further innovation and creativity.  




Eye's Makeup

We started off this joint business venture twelve years back, quite casually. We got into this partnership in 1995, when there was still a lot to bring into our fashion industry. Presently, very few names and labels still exist from that fashion era. We are proud to be among those who have set a mark in the industry and are who recognized today as pioneers of women's fashion in Pakistan.

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Hand Bags 2018 Trends

Handbags can definitely complete the look of an outfit so check out the new stylish handbags collection for the 2018 spring/summer season signed Coach as it is fabulous!
The range of high fashion handbags starts from bright coloured casual bags to bags that are very much suitable when going on holidays. Also available are the really fantastic and multi-pocket shoulder bags that come in gorgeous designs and shades. Every fashion bag is created by connecting matching materials including metal latches, padlocks and chain straps to give it a unique look. Different types of fashion handbags include beach bags, sports bags and shopping bags. Other types come as tote bags, travel bags, jewellery bags and drawstring bags in addition to shoulder bags and evening bags. All these bags project a great deal of variety in design, size and colour.

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Gorgeous girls always take bold steps by either wearing bold dresses and wearing bold make ups. These makeup designs however would definitely attract the attention of your entourage therefore wear them if you have the proper attitude to show off your style-consciousness. Choose the eyes to highlight your mesmerizing glimpse and create a piercing look with the help of vibrating shades as turquoise, red, purple and other tones. For a mysterious and sultry eye look you can also appeal to the infinite smokey eyes ideas that are just fabulous when paired with any eye color and shape. You can see try to imitate these looks and make sure you adapt them to your skin color and face structure.

Friend of the Week

Sabeen Malik

City: Karachi

Hobbies: Music, Movies, Browsing,

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Lips Makeup

PakVisit.com is proud to present you latest information about the Lips Makeup. Use lips liner to make your lips prominent. Select a shade of liner at is nearest to shade of lipstick and use lip brush to gently spread in the lip liner but maintain line. Lip liner prevents lip color from spreading around the ears n lines.
Apply it 50 times to make your lipstick last longer. Choose a shade that dont complements your skin tone and dress color. Red color of lipsticks suits to young women with fair and darkest complexion and neat skin.

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